Aquarius Season Collective Card Reading

For this collective card reading, I used the Miss Cleo Tarot Power Deck. Not coincidentally, it’s also the deck that’s being featured in my latest Instagram giveaway. I told myself I would use the deck one last time, and then gift it to another; making way for new decks (or perhaps something else new all together) to make its way towards me. That said, let’s dive into the reading.

Crowning the reading is the four of coins. We know that fours speak to foundations, and our sense of stability and security. I’m seeing an emphasis on the home, as well as finances. Some of you may be preparing or planning to move, and therefore need to save. Others may have already moved and this can sometimes be a drain, not only on our overall energy but especially on our finances. Whatever side of this you may fall on (or if there’s no physical move pertaining to you or someone you may be connected with), this energy is a call to conserve and save. Not just in terms of finances and money, but in terms of all of your energetic outputs, including time. Many may be feeling called to give more to themselves at this time, and this, to me, is an energy that often comes up around Mercury retrograde periods.

I’m going to read this spread right to left because that’s how I’m seeing it, so the next card is the knight of pentacles. I want to preface this card by saying I feel a sense of sacrifice. Perhaps needing to let go of certain people or things, and this may even be certain mindsets, beliefs or even goals. Know and trust that whatever you’re being guided to let go of now will be replaced with something new that will be more aligned with (and thus, more fulfilling for) the “new” you. The knight of coins is the slowest moving knight of the deck. It asks us to employ patience and planning in pursuit of our goals. Again, there may be something you’re saving up towards, or there may be some other way in which you’re being called to “invest” in yourself and/or others, your dreams and your goals. 

The next card is the six of wands - a card of triumph and victory. But let’s consider that for a second because sure, that’s what we all want. But what we often don’t see is the hard work that it takes to get there. We often see people lauded and applauded on the public stage and perhaps think they simply got there by happenstance. Largely, not true, right? So whilst this card is a solidly positive energy, it again implies that there’s hard work to do; investments to be made. “What you sow, you shall also reap.” While mercury retrograde itself is not normally an auspicious time to take action; it’s instead a perfect time to plan, it soon will be time to take action. The metaphorical elbow grease that you’ll put into your manifestations. Again, for some of you, this implies literal movement, travel or relocation, perhaps even a career change. Notice too, that there are outside influences around this card. There will be people who both look up to you, and those that will talk about you. In the Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz, talks about how we should pay attention to neither - the negative nor the positive. We can see how, if we listen to either praise or criticism, we can fall into traps of pride and ego or self-limitation. You have to know yourself and be your number one supporter, always.

Moving forward, we have the ten of wands. Following from the card and discussion above, it’s time to drop anything that only serves to burden you, or that no longer belongs to you. The ten of wands may speak to an overwhelming number of responsibilities work-wise, or in your personal life; and, again, for most, it’s likely a mixture of both. Delegate and prioritize accordingly. Notice how in the six of wands and ten of wands, the figure is holding the same single wand. Spirit is asking us to focus, focus, focus. It reminds me of the saying that suggests none of us can multitask well; we can either do many tasks somewhat well, or we can do one thing at a time and excel!

The next card reminds us to remain light-hearted and free of baggage. Again, it’s a great follow-on energy from the ten of wands. The fool is Aries (more fire) energy and it asks us to take calculated risks, though not to be reckless or foolish. I always think of the phrase, “there is no reward without risk,” when I see this card. In tarot, The Fool represents the start of the spiritual journey. In our lives, we’re all on our own individual and unique journeys and paths. How can remembering this each day set the tone and intention of everything that you do?

Finally, we finish off with The Magician! This is really nice energy coming out at the end. Representing Gemini or Aquarian energy, remember that The Magician reminds us that we have everything that we need - all the tools and resources - to alchemize, create and manifest whatever it is that we want. Spirit reminds you to stay in the flow and co-commune and create, not just with Spirit, but also with those around you; the ones that are really meant to be there. 

A couple more quick notes. We have The World card, the start of a new cycle, coming out at the top of the deck. Each of us collectively are entering new cycles, and so is the world. It’s partly why you see more of an interest in spiritual and occult topics and practices now. At the bottom of the deck is the six of pentacles reversed. Again, correct any imbalances, and rid yourself of extraneous energies, connections and relationships. Not everything and everyone can go along with you to where it is you’re going. 

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