Three Month Tarot Forecast

For this month’s blog post, I’ve returned to a tried and true format, the tarot forecast & meditation. This is essentially a three-card spread that looks at energies for the next few months as we close out the rollercoaster ride that’s been 2020. I also looked at the cards at the top and bottom of the deck, which I’ll get to first as they represent over-arching energies of the reading. 

The four of swords, coming out at the top of the deck, represents rest, relaxation and even sleep - just as the figure in the card is doing. For many, I feel like this has actually been a focal part of the energy for the better part of this year. Finding calm, comfort, peace and solace internally, perhaps especially so when there is so little of that in our external environment. Coupled with the seven of coins or seven of pentacles at the bottom of the deck, there’s also been a strong emphasis on looking back over the past. What lessons have we learned? The ones that are based in love and are of true value as we continue to forge forward, and what mistakes do we refuse to make again? Painful experiences from the past have or are likely coming up in order to finally be addressed, dissolved and released. For many, it is really just the memory or thought of these things which continue to cause worry, fear, anxiety, stress, or sleeplessness. Try guided release meditations, journaling or visualization exercises in order to let go. The full moon in Aries, which arrives tomorrow, October 1st is also a great time to release old energies of the past. 

Getting into the main part of the spread, the  five of swords reversed defines the energy for next month. Five of swords energy is often about picking and choosing one's battles. What’s important versus what’s not; what we’re willing to fight for. This energy can speak to potentially walking away from conflict, closing out chapters in your life that no longer serve a fulfilling purpose, and generally letting things go, both physically and metaphorically. For many (and I’ve been picking up on this energy in many of my recorded readings on Instagram and YouTube), I feel like this is more so about attitudes and beliefs - and shedding any that are self-limiting or those that do not truly reflect our highest and truest selves. For some of you, certain relationships, friendships, work situations or projects may also come to an end, or already have. Remember too that October continues Libra season, the scales of Justice and of balance so think about what needs to be let go, and what may need to be cultivated or initiated in order to bring more balance into your life. Side bar: We’ll also be going into our final Mercury Retrograde of this year during the month of October. 

In November, the nine of pentacles. This is abundant, stable energy. It’s as if - as individuals and as a collective - we’ll find solid ground and our footing again. I’ve some ideas about what this may mean on a national, political level for instance, but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself for now. Regardless, I feel like many will start to feel some semblance of certainty or normalcy for themselves and in their lives again. Not to suggest that things will return to the way they once were (in fact, they shouldn’t and they won’t), but do think in terms of a new day and a new dawn and finding grounding within that. What does that look like for you? For many, I feel that this card also portends some type of monetary influx, perhaps through a new business, job, hobby, idea, product, project or side hustle; for others, I feel like you may be on the precipice of some kind of creative launch around this time. Something that you’ve either already been working on or have been thinking about, and that you’ll likely start between now and the new year. For others of you, I am also picking up on the energy of a new baby, perhaps a literal child or for some of you a new pet, or some other addition to your life and home that is very close to your heart.

Which leads us nicely into the final energy for this reading, the wheel of fortune - a new cycle set to begin just as we go into the last month of this year. Remember that the wheel is always turning - sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down, - and we’ve no choice but to keep rolling. However, we do have agency and license over what that experience looks like; of the direction in which we decide to go (with or against the wheel). Adapting and flowing to the ever-changing energies of the Universe allows us to co-create a reality that nurtures and suits our soul’s growth. Going against it, stunts it. The choice is always ours. As always, continue to cultivate more love into your life; for it is in that direction, that you can never go wrong. 

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