Dream Interpretation: Easy Access to Your Intuition

What’s the first dream that you can remember? Not in the sense of a goal or something that you wanted to accomplish, but a literal night or naptime dream. Was it pleasant or relatively scary? I actually don’t recall my first dream, however other childhood memories have come to the fore and been especially vivid of late (particularly regarding mediumship and hint: there’s some overlap here). That said, I can remember both the first time that I had a dream that turned out to be prophetic and also the first time someone else told me about their dream, and when I realized I had an ability to interpret not just my own but also other people’s dreams.

In the first instance, this was several years ago, likely nearing a decade, if not more, just after college. I had a dream that a friend of mine from high school got engaged. At that time, we had an email thread with all the girls who I lived with at school (for those who don’t know, I went to Phillips Andover). I remember updating the chain with the details of the dream. It was her birthday weekend and low and behold, her boyfriend (now husband) had just proposed and she was in fact engaged. I remember her replying and remarking that I must be “psychic.” Though I had thought it, I had never verbalized it beyond mere jest or joking, and we all largely laughed it off, dismissing it as a mere coincidence. Obviously, my stance has since changed.

Fast forward a few years, and this would be following what I consider to be my “spiritual awakening,” and another friend began relating to me some disturbing dreams they were having. I’ve always had a mix of pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant, confusing or even disturbing dreams. And while I can say I was sometimes frightened, in adulthood and in recent years, it’s become clear to me that dreams are more so largely symbolic - of the subconscious of course, but also of the Universe, Source and Spirit, of people thinking of us, and any messages or news they may want to share. Instead of being fearful, I’ve learned to explore what the deeper meaning of the dreams may be. What messages may be coming up for me or others, and any requisite actions or steps I (or they) should take.

My first dream interpretation client happened rather haphazardly. A friend of a friend of my sister’s knew that I did card readings and asked if I could help to interpret his dreams as well. I agreed and explained that my process is simply to listen to their re-telling of the dream, and then intuitively interpret whatever I pick up on or stands out in the dream. Sometimes this leads into further exploration through the use of cards, astrology, numerology, crystals or other resources and tools. It was cool to experience how basically simple story-telling could be so helpful and healing. From there I launched my dream interpretation service.

One of the main reasons I love dream interpretation is because, in my view, it’s one of the easiest ways for anyone to tap into their inner and intuitive knowledge without necessarily needing to study or learn a divination method or tool. Like meditation, exercise, or even other forms of channeling however, dream interpretation requires practice. I often sound like a broken record in my recorded client and general YouTube videos, but the primary way to develop your own dream interpretation ability and skill, and to use it for your own edification and spiritual enhancement is to practice. Unless you have a strongly photographic memory, you should strive to write down your dreams if this is something you want to do. And you’ll be shocked at what may resonate days, weeks, or even months or years later.

Similarly to my advice around regular journaling, dream journaling doesn’t have to be extensive. A few words, sentences - whatever you can remember - will suffice. You may not remember everything all the time, and that’s OK. Some key things to pay attention to in dreams are colors, names, numbers, places, people (especially if you know them) and anything they might say, how you feel, what happens and what that may represent symbolically. For example, a few of my dream interpretation clients have had biblical or religious references in their dreams, but they're not necessarily so obvious (i.e. walking outside and seeing a burning bush). This is also why I say writing down your dreams can be helpful. I find that as I write them, the more symbolic messages of the dream become clearer. You can then also ask your spiritual guides for clarity or assistance in interpreting or understanding anything about the dream that continues to elude or confuse you.

If you found this post to be helpful, consider posting and sharing. And if you’re on Clubhouse, join my dream interpretation chat tomorrow at 11 AM ET. I’ll do another brief overview of dream interpretation and why it’s helpful, and then invite folks to come to the floor and quickly share their dreams and receive a free mini interpretation by me.

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