About Me

Many people have asked how I started reading oracle and tarot cards, and the truth is: a tarot reader told me. Before that I was somewhat still skeptical and previously slightly afraid of psychics and readers. But it’s been through booking, speaking, and working with other practitioners that I’ve come to discover the light that lived within me, hidden just beneath the surface all this time; and the many golden gems that lie just beyond that. I’ve always said that we each have our own beautiful and unique path, and I’ve accepted my spiritual call to create and to lead as part of mine. It’s been quite an experience. Spiritual awakening is hard to describe in mere words. There are moments of amazing realization and liberating discovery...and then moments of grief, loss, loneliness and solitude. This is part of life, and going through the process is the way to find peace. When we find awakening, and truly accept the greatness of our own personal power, we learn to live free of society's shackles, the judgement of others that keeps us from fully exploring and expressing ourselves in our short lifetimes. A spiritual path — and sometimes spiritual sessions— are not easy. We are forced to reckon with sides of ourselves we could otherwise ignore or mask. When readings resonate, I find that clients feel liberated and free of their own self-criticism, doubt, negative behavior or thinking. In this way, soul discovery operates not just as a journey, but as an “(insert vice) anonymous” program for the soul. Reclamation is your birthright. You incarnated on this Earth for a reason. Let’s discover and uncover it by booking a reading today.