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General Collective Card Readings

  • Three Month Tarot Forecast

    For this month’s blog post, I’ve returned to a tried and true format, the tarot forecast & meditation. This is essentially a three-card spread...
  • Abundance & August Monthly Collective Reading

    I recently wrote a piece about Abundance that I've published on Medium.   I also recorded a collective reading for the month of August. There's no ...
  • Meditation: A Journey

    Meditation was one of the first spiritual practices and tools that I adopted upon recognizing my spiritual awakening and accepting and starting my...
  • The Seven Main Chakras: Spectrum of a Rainbow

    “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.” You might know or remember this Buddhist Mantra from “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” the biopic, based on the life of Ti...
  • February - March 2020 Mercury Retrograde

    Mercury is the planet that governs communication. It plays into how we perceive the world, create and gather ideas and opinions, and how we express ourselves, both internally, as well as with others.
  • The Natal Chart: Sun, Moon, Rising & Venus

    Sun sign: The sun sign is the sign we usually learn and associate with first. Based strictly on the month/day on which you were born, this reflect...
  • December 2019 Monthly Collective Card Reading

     This is the last monthly collective reading this year using cards that were pulled for the collective on January 1, 2019. Those cards are: from t...
  • November 2019 Monthly Reading

    This was written before I did the recorded reading and pulled some extra cards so if you’d like the full reading, make sure to check out the YouTube video:
  • October 2019 Monthly Reading

    This blog has moved to a new home! Please bear with me as I populate more content and work out any kinks. This is the October 2019 Monthly General Collective card reading, with these cards pulled on Jan 1 of this year
  • September 2019 Monthly Reading

    For the September monthly reading, remember that these three cards were pulled on January 1 for the collective. The first card, from the Archangel Oracle, is Archangel Jophiel with “Clear Your Space.”