February - March 2020 Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet that governs communication. It plays into how we perceive the world, create and gather ideas and opinions, and how we express ourselves, both internally, as well as with others. Therefore, it’s important to be careful and considerate regarding your communication and language during this time. This goes for any and all forms of communication - calls, emails, texts and in person engagements. I often suggest that folks triple check their work, emails, texts, etc, and to take care to really listen and then consider your response during any in person conversations, or engagement, and especially conflicts! Things and words can and do get turned around and twisted during this time, so consider that too should someone say something to you that’s, let say, a bit askew. 

Generally speaking, mercury retrograde is not a good time to initiate or start something new including relationships, projects or work. The one caveat being unless it’s something you’ve previously done or experienced in the past (i.e. not something or someone that is entirely new to you). It is however, a great time to evaluate and plan. If you can, avoid signing contracts or making hard and fast decisions at this time, as plans, people and opinions tend to change once mercury retrograde ends. It’s also not a good time to book or formulate solid travel plans. If you already have travel booked, be sure to give yourself plenty of time and to be extra flexible, as plans may change. Finally, DO NOT purchase any new pieces of technology. This includes cars, phones, computers, televisions and other appliances. If you do, odds are that there will be an issue with the equipment or software, or it may not last as long as you would have hoped or wanted. This planetary aspect and event is notorious for breakdowns, delays and false starts. To that end, I would also advise against making major changes to your outward appearance - be it a drastic haircut, color or a new style entirely. Wait until the retrograde (and it’s shadow) ends. 

The current mercury retrograde falls in the sign of Pisces, the oldest of the zodiacs and also the dreamers. Pisces is a highly intuitive, creative and imaginative sign so this season’s energy is a lot about evaluating the self - your self-care regimen and practices (every Pisces I know loves a good nap!), your creative inklings and yearnings, as well as getting real about the areas and ways in which you may need to be holding yourself (or others) more accountable. It’s a great time to release past emotions or items, as well as to break bad habits or implement new, healthier ones. As we swim into the deep waters of the ocean (Pisces is a water sign), reflect on who, what and where you are right now. Are you living up to the fullest potential of your true self, or are there areas or habits that need to be addressed? Start putting a strategic plan in place that you can attack with fervor as we approach Aries season. This current mercury retrograde will end on March 9th, however there is always a shadow period of about two weeks on either end of the mercury retrograde cycle, so take your time! Life isn’t in a rush so nor should you.

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