March Collective Card Reading

The overall energy of the reading is the numerology guidance card, #61, “Self-Love.” What a poignant lesson for Pisces season. I say this all the time in my readings and to clients, but it’s worth repeating: the amount of and extent to which we feel and receive love (of all varieties) externally, reflects the love that we harbor and have within. Our relationship with self is of utmost importance. How do you affirm and love yourself each and every day? Affirm: “I love and believe in myself, and make my dreams come true.” Affirmations, self-love and self-care may seem or sound cheesy, but it really works! Try it today, or for a week, or a month - and report back. I promise you will be a changed person! 

Speaking to the numerology of this card specifically, 61 breaks down to a 7 (6+1=7). Seven is a number of personal and spiritual growth. As the last sign of the zodiac, it’s said that Pisces has worked its way through all the other zodiacs. What are the lessons that you’ve learned along the way in each of your respective “seasons”? There’s a lot of collective energy right now concerning karmic and spiritual lessons, judgement and using your discernment to act, think and make decisions accordingly. Think of it like final exam season. 

The tarot spread is one that I use often in client readings and have used several times on the YouTube channel (including for the March monthly readings which are in progress). It’s a 7-card layout (go figure), and I’ve also looked at the top and bottom of the deck bringing the total number of cards to 9 and 10, if you include the numerology guidance. Nine is a number of completion. Closing out and letting go of the past in the broadest sense possible. A lot of you may be physically purging right now or preparing to (a la spring cleaning); and some may even be preparing to move in the relatively near-term. Ten can also represent completion. If nine is the final weeks or months of a class, then ten is the test. Think of it like mastering the highest level of a video game or completing a course of study. Again, it is time to close out old cycles, and allow in the new. This is clearly very in-line with the approaching astrological new year, and the burgeoning of spring.  

The first card coming up in the past placement is the Magician, Gemini energy. This card denotes a mastery of the alchemical and manifestation processes. It asks you to remember the times you’ve manifested exactly what you’ve needed in the past. It also asks you to remember that despite outward appearances, or inner feelings of lack, that you are always surrounded by abundance, opportunities and the resources you need. Be and think creatively and outside of the metaphorical box. 

In the present position is Strength. There’s a heavy presence of the past in this reading, which again is typical of Pisces season. Past memories, perhaps even nostalgia, past emotions or thoughts could all be bubbling up to your respective surfaces. The strength is again a reminder of your inner and spiritual strength. In the present, it indicates that you are currently being called upon to dig deep into that strength; and again, to remember the wisdom you’ve learned along the way. Don't give up, or give in to external pressures, or even your own intrusive thoughts. 

In the forward-facing placement is the knight of cups reversed. For some of you, this may pertain to a person - Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio - or someone with those placements. For others, this is in regards to a heart-centered relationship be it familial, platonic or romantic. I sense some type of loss or disconnection, hence the Tower coming out at the top of the deck. But whatever this is, however difficult or painful it may be (for some it may not be), trust that whatever this is meant to happen, though I understand that’s sometimes of little consolation in the moment. For some, I also sense that there may have been sudden or unexpected news, or a shocking event. You may feel that you are owed an apology or some form of recourse. It’s unlikely to come from whom or whatever may have caused it, but trust that the Universe and the Divine will make it right, one way or another. (Side bar: I've gotten a couple of warnings regarding fire. Please take care to watch anything flammable such as a candle or stove, as well as electrical equipment especially in upstairs areas or upper floors or your home or work.)

This reading is called an advice spread, and the next card is the advice card in the reading. The nine of swords is an interesting card to get in this placement. It speaks to anxiety, fear or worry, so I actually feel the advice is quite the opposite - meaning, not to worry. I know that’s often easier said than done. Remember to clear and ground your energy regularly (join our meditation group!). This has been a focal point of many of the collective readings for the past year, plus, and it remains important. Also make sure that you’re getting enough rest. If you struggle with sleep, try crystals (I always recommend amethyst) or music. Sometimes too, it can be therapeutic to just have a good cry. Spoken like a true Pisces, right? But no seriously, after bawling it out, I often feel so much better, I’m just saying...

In the environment is the Justice card, Libra energy. Again, everything that is (or isn’t) happening is for a reason. The scales are being balanced so to speak, so the most important thing you can do is ensure that you are balanced too. Get clear on your “ace of swords,” your truth, your intentions, your boundaries, your dreams and goals, and the requisite tasks, steps or connections that it will take to achieve them. For anyone worried about the outcome of a situation, know that it will be resolved in a manner that is just and fair.

Reflecting your hopes and fears is the four of wands. I’ve been seeing this energy a lot lately. Basically, guaranteed contentment, fulfillment, stability and success but not actually trusting or having faith that it will happen for YOU. The question to ask yourself is why? What are the deep-seated beliefs that you have, that you may not even realize you have, that cause you to feel this way? This is the work, y’all! It can be tough. It requires commitment and determination. But the rewards are well worth it, and much better than the alternative - or so I think.

The outcome card is the seven of pentacles. This card can also denote a past-focused energy, but in this case, I feel it’s more so looking back on things that, for many of you, have yet to transpire. I see a mixed-bag of perspectives. Some will feel content and will be looking forward to new endeavors and connections. Others (if you allow yourself to remain in any kind of low-vibe or pessimistic thinking) may not see things that way, and may feel left out or like they’re still in a state of indecision or stagnancy; or that they're "still owed" something in some way. Don’t let that be you, boo! Why? Because what you don’t yet see is what’s waiting for you at the bottom of the deck: the ten of pentacles! Penultimate happiness and success at home and in work! What more can you ask for?! 

P.S. As some of you may also know, sometimes I also listen to music while channeling so for this month, I created a Spotify playlist of the channeled music for this month's reading. You can find it here: Channeled Music Playlist

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