Mystical Crystals

Crystals are living, breathing entities that hold and carry energy and healing properties. While I’m still learning about many crystals and their uses, I wanted to take some time to introduce you to a few of my favorite crystals and what I’ve learned so far about selecting crystals, caring for them, and using them for energetic healing purposes. One of the first questions I get from crystal novices is where to find crystals, and which crystals to acquire. Prior to the pandemic, most of my crystals either entered my life as gifts, or came from a local shop. I love the idea of going into a shop, perusing the crystals and seeing which ones speak to me. Gifted crystals or those that come into your life as if by serendipity are also to be cherished. Be sure to do your research about which kind of crystal you’ve received and how to use it. You can also find and buy crystals online, including on Amazon. Just be sure to check the reviews as quality can vary significantly. 

Once you’ve acquired or received crystals, there are several ways to use them. For many of us, the first crystals we ever receive are part of a piece of a jewelry - perhaps a necklace or a ring with our birthstone or a beaded bracelet of some variety. Therefore one of the obvious ways to work with crystals is to wear them. Note that certain crystals are best worn on certain parts or on certain sides of the body. Another way to work with crystals is to hold them or place them near you during meditation. You can focus on specific chakras, or on an intention related to the crystal. One of my favorite ways to work with crystals, is to place them under your pillow at night. I like to rotate which crystals I use, and then I observe both the quality of my sleep as well as my capacity to remember my dreams in the morning. Sometimes I decide never to sleep with a crystal again, other times, I may keep it there for several days or weeks before rotating it out. You can also place crystals around your house: in the bathroom (if it can tolerate water), by your bed, the door, or on a windowsill; on an altar or in a meditation space or room if you have one. I’ve also seen people place crystals in an outdoor garden or walkway, or on top of the soil of an indoor plant (note that this is different from burying crystals, which I’ll get to later). I also like to carry crystals in a small pouch in my purse or pocket pretty much everywhere I go. I always wear or carry a grounding or protective stone such as tiger’s eye or a black stone like onyx, obsidian or black tourmaline. Finally, you can also use crystals in healing grids and layouts or hold them in specific combinations during meditation to address specific issues or ailments. This latter usage is a part of the new service that I’ll be providing soon. 

I’m now going to go over a few of my favorite stones, their properties and uses:

    • Amethyst: Purple in color; protects against negativity and stress; can be used for healing physical and emotional ailments; connects to the third eye and crown chakras
    • Black Obsidian: Black in color; provides psychic protection and protection against energetic drains or negativity; brings clarity and focus; connects to the root chakra
    • Carnelian: Orange in color; helps with blood, circulation, courage and healing; increased strength, stamina and willpower; can be used with rose quartz over the heart chakra to balance sexual energy; also connects to the sacral and root chakras
    • Citrine: Yellow in color; promotes creativity and provides inspiration; can aid with depression and physical vitality; connects to the third eye and solar plexus chakras
    • Clear quartz: Clear or transparent in color; a great cleansing tool for your energetic body and space; increases focus and concentration, provides alignment and clarity towards goals; connects with the root, solar plexus and crown chakras
    • Lapis Lazuli: Blue in color; brings awareness of the soul and spiritual purpose in life, considered to be a royal stone that connects with the higher chakras - throat, third eye and crown
    • Malachite: Green in color; protects against energetically draining and electromagnetic forces; promotes power, self-confidence, and healthy circulation of the blood; connects to the heart chakra
    • Rose Quartz: Pink in color; can aid with anxiety and fear and overall promotes the heart and unconditional love; awakens the appreciation of beauty and may also aid with fertility; connects with the heart chakra or any part of the body in need of some unconditional love

Note that everyone will not be called to acquire and work with crystals and that’s OK. There are many forms of divination and healing tools - and, similarly to life - not everything is for everyone. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some crystals such as iolite and moldavite as well as certain crystal types such as clear quartz points, are extremely advanced and should not be the first crystal you buy or use. Lastly, the night before a full moon is the best time to cleanse and charge your crystals. Note that you may cleanse crystals in water (if the stone can tolerate it), or if not, with florida water or with smoke from incense or sage. Then place the crystals outside or on a window sill or shelf that faces the light of the moon for charging. I personally like to cleanse my crystals in salt water, or for those that shouldn't be placed in water, with sage. Some people also cleanse and charge their crystals by burying them in soil for a certain period of time. This has been just a brief and simple overview of crystals and ways to work with them. Google will be your friend in terms of learning more about and researching crystals. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

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