Numerology: The Wonderful World of Numbers

We’re focusing on the wonderful world of numbers and how you can use numerology to decipher messages from your angels, ancestors, spirit guides and the Universe. Numerology is the study of numbers, and it can tell you a lot about yourself, the world writ large, and other people.  Note that this is just a simple and short overview of numerology, a handful of commonly observed or witnessed numbers, and their respective meanings; however, there’s a whole world out there of how you can use the study of numbers to interpret signs and symbols from the Universe. One of the things I like to do if I notice a certain number on a clock, a license plate or receipt (really anywhere), is to simply google the number and it’s meaning. Of course, as with most things these days, there’s a plethora of resources to be found online, so be sure to review a few sources and see which meanings resonate the most with you. 

Another thing you can do is come up with your own interpretations. For example, in most spiritual circles and communities, the number 1, 11, or 1111 is associated with new beginnings, manifestation and wish fulfillment. But, maybe this number or sequence of numbers means something entirely different to you. It may mean that a loved one (departed or present) is thinking of or communicating with you. Or perhaps it means you’re about to receive an influx of monetary abundance or spiritual support. While there are specific meanings related to certain numbers or number sequences, one of the things that I love and appreciate about delving into one’s own spiritual path, journey and understanding is that everything can take on an even more specific or an altogether different meaning to you.

Twos (2, 22, 222) can typically represent binaries, couples, decisions, dualities or partnerships. Whatever the case, it’s also a strong indicator that you are being called to tap into and trust your intuitive callings and inner knowings, as it can be an indicator that there’s about to be a major change or that you are entering a new cycle in your life. Pay particular attention to any new people or offers or opportunities that may be coming into your life or presenting themselves to you. Remember that you are a part of the alchemization and manifestation process so it requires your awareness, presence and input too. 

Threes (3, 33, 333) can speak to creativity, communication, collaboration and cooperation. Specifically speaking to the creativity and communication component of the numerology significance of this number often reminds me of the solar plexus chakra, which is the third chakra up, working your way up from the root chakra (in order, it would be root, solar plexus, sacral). Threes can also speak to fertility which can obviously be interpreted literally, or it can represent a more metaphorical birthing and creation energy. It can also serve as confirmation from the universe that you are on the right path and to keep going!

To that end fours (4, 44, 444) can represent foundations (think four pillars or posts), stability and security. It can also speak to authority (you, someone else or a system or structure such as a home), the environment (generally speaking, your personal or work environment or again a home environment). In the numerology guidance card and book that I often use for both personal and general readings, the number 4 also represents, “Perseverance,” with the guidance book offering that, “This indicates a time to keep moving forward as you strive to achieve your hopes and dreams…” It also closes with the following affirmation for this card: “With perseverance and persistence, I create an exceptional life.”

The number 5 is a harbinger of change. When you see this number frequently or often - especially in rapid succession - it’s a strong indicator that you are either about to implement massive changes in your life or that circumstances may be changing around you. This number is a good reminder that we cannot control anyone or anything outside of ourselves and as such, it’s best to be in the flow of changes and recognize and respond when we either need to let someone or something go, or allow someone or something new in. The number 55 more specifically can speak to adventure, perhaps travel or relocation, and 555 can indicate a tower moment - sudden or unexpected change. Remember that change brings lessons and with that comes wisdom, which is why in the tarot, the number five is also associated with the Hierophant major arcana. The Hierophant represents our spiritual side and connection to our spiritual selves, resources and support. 

To me, the number six (6) or variations thereof can speak to harmony, love, nostalgia and possibly union. It asks us how we are giving and spreading more “love and light” energy to ourselves, others, our environment, our projects and our work. It may highlight issues around the heart space, family or relationships and again asks us to be introspective and reflective about the kind of energy we are putting out, which in turn will be the energy that we receive. 

The number seven (7) then can be about personal growth and development and how we are progressing through life - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. The number 77 in particular represents our spiritual connection and spirituality. Again, pulling from the numerology deck, I want to offer the following: “You’re not a human being having a spiritual experience; you are a spiritual being having a human experience.” How (or does) this minor change or shift in perspective change your view of yourself and your place in the world? When I think of this statement, it affords me more compassion both for myself and for others. This number can also represent personal or professional, private or more public, triumph and victory. And, in religious contexts, the number seven often represents completion or “perfection” i.e seven days of the week. To that point, keep in mind that as you look into or research numerology or numerological significance that numbers may have different meanings depending on the context (life, love, work, etc.)

The number eight (8) is truly great as it can represent abundance and manifestation! I like to think of the number 8 as the infinity symbol ∞ (an eight turned on it’s side) as this reminds me again of the constant ebb and flow, and flux and change in life. I consider 8 to be an extremely powerful number, especially if you see it in duplicate (88) or triplicate (888). If you see this number or combination of numbers frequently, pay attention because it means that you are in an extremely powerful and highly potent time of your life in terms of being able to go after and get whatever it is that you want! Manifest, manifest, manifest!

Nine (9) is a number of completion. It can also speak to a period of being single or spending time in solitude (even if you are not literally, physically alone). 99 speaks to compassion, and 999 specifically indicates that you or someone in your life may be a lightworker, which is basically another word for a healer or a spiritual or energetic worker or practitioner. I’m going to offer up two of the affirmations from the numerology guidance deck and book. For the number 9, which again represents completion, the respective affirmation is: “It is safe to surrender to the magical future that awaits me.” For the number 99, which again indicates compassion, the affirmation is: “I am compassionate towards others and attract the same in return.”

Finally, we’re going to end with the number ten (10.) This card too can speak to completion or endings (which necessarily brings about new beginnings (1), however ten is an indicator of a larger or more significant life cycle or lesson coming to a close. In the numerology guidance book, this card is associated with “Karmic Completion.” Due to this association, ten or a series of tens (i.e. 1010) has a highly spiritual connotation as it suggests that a lesson has been learned and again a major cycle involving a karmic lesson or series of lessons has been closed out and completed. Affirm: “I clear debts from my past and create a happy, harmonious life.”

It’s my sincere hope that this brief overview of numerology, numbers and their respective meanings helps to provide clarity and guidance. If you’d like to discuss further or look into your personal numerology more, please book a spiritual consulting session.

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