October 2019 Monthly Reading

We have a new home! Please bear with me as I populate more content and work out any kinks. This is the October 2019 Monthly General Collective card reading, with these cards pulled on Jan 1 of this year. For numerology guidance, #88, “Abundance.” Abundance is a frequency and a vibration to which we can attune or tap in. Like happiness or love, compassion, mindfulness and gratitude, adopting an attitude of abundance and releasing a lack mindset is always a choice, and one that we can choose to make each and every day. “This card indicates a need to adopt an attitude of abundance in order to attract it into your life. By drawing this card, you are being encouraged to recognize the numerous opportunities in front of you for the Universe is bountiful and there is plenty to go around. Since you attract what you believe, you must improve your perception of the world; replace your thoughts of scarcity, competition and shortage with feelings of abundance, prosperity and hope.” Affirm: “The Universe has unlimited abundance, so I always have what I need.”

For tarot guidance, the wheel of fortune, demonstrating the changing of cycles and seasons. This is likely a major change or shift, whether in your personal or professional life. What is it that that you’ve worked to change? What are you ready to let go of in order to create and manifest something new? Notice the hand of the Universe. We can be proactive and make positive, progressive changes on our own, or, the Universe, represented here by the metaphorical “hand of God” may turn it for us. The choice is yours. 

Finally, from the Archangel Oracle, Archangel Raziel, telling us that we are coming into a new “Spiritual Understanding.” “I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols, and helping you understand spiritual truths.” Some of you may be experiencing a profound spiritual awakening or ascension, or soon will be. For others, this may be more metaphorical, and transpiring in another area of your life; our spirituality and spiritual nature is all-encompassing but not everyone is necessarily on a spiritual path, however loosely defined. For those that are, and feel a call to probe their spiritual interests and interpersonal energy, please book a personal reading (link to personal readings on site). Notice the geometric shapes on the card. It’s said that drawing or even just noticing spiritual shapes helps to align and clear our chakras. What say you? For more, visit the YouTube channel, where I also pulled a few more cards for this collective. And be sure to peruse additional content, including individual astrological sign and element readings.

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